Both of us are very passionate about saving our bees. Laura’s father was a bee keeper while she was growing up and she used to go to the jobs with him, and Sarah’s grandfather was also a bee keeper. She also propagates heirloom herbs and veggie seedlings to sell at local markets, something which her mother did before her.  We also feel that as our products use so much local raw honey and bees wax that it makes sense for us to get behind such a worthy cause 😉

When you purchase a product from our website, 5% of the amount gets donated to Save the Bees ~ Bee the Cure to help re-home our precious bees before they get exterminated by nasty chemical sprays and to educate people on their plight.

At save the bees, they are on a mission to save and cultivate the bees into safe and controlled hives. They are urging the public to call them instead of an exterminator, or better still, avoid using any poisons to control one of natures most prized creatures.

To further contribute or to simply read up on what is being done to help please follow this link

Thank you for your support!

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