Facial Steaming Recipes

A good old facial steam is a great way to unclog pores and detox your skin. Here at Bare Beauty we are especially fond of the herbal steam baths. Nothing better than going out and picking a bunch of herbs from your garden and sitting over a bowl of steaming water for 5 minutes. Its a great way to get a bit of ‘Me’ time as well 🙂


~ Dry Skin – To prevent over drying (funnily enough) don’t steam your face for more than 5 minutes. Once a week is a good routine to get into. Great herbs to steam with that help dry skin are rosemary, rose petals, chamomile, comfrey along with borage flowers. Fennel seeds are a good addition too.

~ Mature Skin – Again, don’t steam for more than 5 minutes to prevent over drying. To specifically treat aging skin, try dandelion root, comfrey, chamomile, lavender and rose petals. Also try dabbing a vitamin A and E around eyes and wrinkles before steaming.

~ Oily Skin – Include oils for addressing excess oil production as well as soothing inflamed acne ridden skin. Herbs include lemongrass, lavender & rosemary. Add eucalyptus leaves if you have acne skin. Strawberry and sage leaves are also beneficial.

detoxing steaming
Follow up your facial steam with our Facial Toning Mist and Silky Skin Facial Oil for beautiful soft and glowing skin.

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